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Llyn Foster

Llyn Foster | Bookkeeping Consultant

"I love seeking solutions and helping people.
By creating streamlined and efficient bookkeeping systems, I get to do both of these things."

Llyn Foster

Standard Monthly Bookkeeping

$300 plus/month


  • Receipt management & categorization

  • Sales tax tracking & filing

  • Account reconciliations

  • CRA Rep a Client (we can call them so you don't need to)

  • Support via phone, messaging, or Zoom

Catch up & Organize


Peace of Mind:

  • No more late fees, penalties, and unnecessary interest

  • Financial reports when you need them

  • Up to date books

  • CRA compliance & support

  • Make better business decisions

Add on services:


Starts at: $40/month plus $24/employee

  • Payroll tax summaries & remittance

  • Yearly T4 remittance

  • RoE prep

  • Payroll estimates are dependent on # of employees, payroll frequency & complexity, & other factors

Support & Consulting


  • Extra support for organizing your bookkeeping systems

  • Guidance & learning for bookkeeping systems & software

  • Software integration

  • Solution seeking

  • Financial reports and clarification

Extra fees for:

  • QuickBooks Online Accounting Software

  • Dext Receipt Management Software

  • Payroll software

  • Other bookeeping software solutions

  • Set up and integration of Software accounts

Full Service Referrals:

I know and can connect you with:

  • Accountants

  • Business Coaches

  • Fractional CFOs

  • Grant Writers

  • Lawyers

  • Virtual Assistants

Llyn Foster